Little Amerricka August 1, 2007

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Calli and her mother riding the "Mad Mouse"

Jaycob & Penny going by in a blurr

Jaycob and Penny

Jaycob and Penny

Calli, Jaycob, Treven and Makayla posing in front of the Diesel Locomovtive.

The steam powered locomotive is only used on weekends

Penny and Jaycob "All Aboard For the 12:30 P.M. Departure"

Calli, Makayla and Treven riding "The Whiskey River Railway"

Vicki attempting to contain her enthusiasm and jubilation.

Makayla and Calli enjoying their 20 minute train ride excursion.

Penny as the train pulls out of the station.

Jaycob and Calli looking at the Lambs, Zebras, Geese and Llamas

The Movie Star and the Skipper or Gillagan

The "Lazy River Boatride"

Jaycob "The Red Barron"

Jaycob and Penny riding the "Little Dipper Rollercoaster"

"The Wild N' Wooley Toboggan"

Jaycob and Treven taking it several times

University of Wisconsin Memorial Union Terrace

University of Wisconsin Memorial Union Website

Makayla putting the Rabbit Ears behind her "Playboy Bunny Aunt Vicki"

It was difficult to convince Vicki in leaving the "Concert on the Square" for a stroll down State Street to the lake, nothing like a beer to cure ones disappointment.

"The Cousins"

"Makayla, Treven, Calli and Jaycob"

Jaycob, Calli and Makayla giving the ducks a break, taking time to pose for this picture

Treven, Makayla, Calli and Jaycob duck watching.

Makayla testing the water temperature of Lake Mendota.

Calli and Makayla on the shore of Lake Mendota posing with the boat dock.

Treven and the Sailboats.

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