Miscellaneous Odds and Ends 

Flying IFR on top of a layer at 4 thousand feet, preparing to shoot the VOR approach into Terri Haute, Indiana (HUF).

December 29, 1975 in Cessna 172 (N5096H), while returning from Destin, Florida.

Renting Cessna 152 (N25583) at Watertown Airport (RYV) to give Jim Kipp a ride on Sptember 8, 1983.

Becky and Steve Arttus after the JCI and Black River Falls tour, from Tomah (Y72) June 9, 1997.  C-172 (N7367F).

May 21, 1997 C-172 (7367F) Black River Falls area ride for Troy Bauch, fellow employee.

Dale and Janene Alsum after a Camp Gordon tour.  Landed Runway 19 at Solon Springs (OLG), Septemter 16, 2002.

 December 16, 1997 Craig Tom working the controls on approach to landing at Black River Falls.

Gwen and her kid enjoying the ride in the back seat.

December 17, 1997 Gwen Fulton, kid  and Craig Tom - Black River Falls ride. C-172 (N7367F).

December 17, 1997 This plane had a dead battery and was propped to start by Dave Andraska.

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