Southern Wisconsin Air Fest June 11, 2005

Blue Angels Final Pre-Show Prep

Army Knight Parachute Plane making a Low Fly-By

Smoke Trail Indicates Its Pitch Attitude For The Climb

 Engine Starting Procedure.

 Engine Starting Procedure.

Engine Starting Procedure.

Blue Angel #5 about to pull-out into the runway taxi line.

Taxing for show take-off.

Blue Angel #1 approaching in front of me.

Blue Angel #1 Leads The Taxi Parade For Take Off

  Blue Angel #2 Follows

Blue Angel #3 Follows Blue Angel #2

Blue Angel #4 Follows Blue Angel #3


Blue Angel #5 Follows Blue Angel #4, I am detecting a pattern here.

Blue Angel #6 ends the Taxi Parade

  The Blue Angel Support Crew marches off the ramp in formation.  Rock County Control Tower to the left. 

  Blue Angels about to make a right turn from the ramp onto the taxiway.

  Another view of that.

 Looking at the vendor stands blocking the view of the Rock County Airport Terminal Building,

The Blues Angels are about ready to take-off.  Control Tower is in the center picture.

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