John Hancock Building


Arriving at "Navy Pier"

 "Navy Pier"

"Navy Pier"

"Navy Pier"

Chicago's Miracle Mile Oprah land.




  Water Tower


Chicago's Rain Forest

Chicago's Hard Rock Cafe

John Hancock Tower while traveling the "Miracle Mile.

  I think I saw one in these at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf.  I am done with the Chicago city trolley tour.  I walked back to Union Station and retrieved my luggage from the locker and boarded the Amtrak Texas Eagle Train to my first destination of St. Louis.  This is the first train trip where I broke up the route into stopover segments. instead of doing the entire route with the same train.  The Texas Eagle has some good sightseeing stops on the way.  The Gateway Arch, Dallas JFK Museum and the Alamo were on my list of destinations that I always wanted to see, so the Amtrak Texas Eagle was perfect for the task. Also, two days straight on a train gets to be a little long, especially if you are not in sleeper car, like the frugal me.

  In the "Sightseeing Car", watching the movie "City Slickers" while stopped at Springfield, IL

"Illinois State Capitol Building"

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