Monday, May 19, 2014 - Bonneville Transit Center (BTC) Bay 11, waiting for #106 northbound Bus

BTC Bay 11 Time Schedule to Fiesta Stop, Las Vegas North Airport

Inside the northbound #106 Rancho Blvd. Bus

Just taken off VGT Airport Runway 7, climbing to 5500 ft., just north of Nellis Airforce Base

Getting closer and better view of Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Still climbing at VY 77, Heading 080, 4750 feet @ 500 fpm to level off @ 5500

Follow the red line for the approximate tour route in the Class B Airspace

CFI William Van Steenis handling the radio communication with Nellis Departure Control.

Probably the best picture of Las Vegas Motor Speedway for you NASCAR fans.

At 5500 feet arching the course southeast bound

Pointing the towards the Lower Lake Mead Marina

Near the location of the originally planned Hoover Dam Site crossing

Another view of the Lake Mead area

Making our way to the Hoover Dam

Over Lake Mead, getting closer to the Hoover Dam

The new arched bridge over Colorado River

New Bridge - Nevada to Arizona

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