Looking south at the Encore from Mc Donalds.

Another view of the Encore with the Riviera.

A view of the Stratosphere from the old Sahara Ave.

Another view of the Stratosphere before heading to the Monorail Station.

Sahara Monorail Station - Furthest north station on the line.

Looking north from the Sahara Monorail station.

Looking south from the Sahara Monorail Station

Riding the Monorail southbound approaching LVH Station (Las Vegas Hilton)

Approaching LVH Station..

High Roller at the LINQ, a view from the Quad/Flamingo Station, Operational since March 31, 2014

Decending capsule.

Hub and Spoke structure of the wheel.

Taken from the bottom of the Quad Monorail station.

Capsule as it is ascending from the loading platform area.

Walking the LINQ promenade east toward the High Roller.

Getting closer to the High Roller.

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