Walking down the entrance to  Judiciary Square Metro Station.

Outside the RFK Stadium at the Stadium-Armory Metro stop, looking at RFK Stadium.

Looking at RFK Stadium and National Armory to the right.

Closer view of RFK Stadium. 

Billboard sign at the entrance to RFK Stadium.  

Stadium-Armory Metro Station Entrance.  

 Looking at the escalators down to the Stadium-Armory Metro Station.  

"DC General Hospital" 

Another view of DC General Hospital.

Down in Metro Station waiting for train to arrive.


 Informational sign post down in the Metro Station  

  Informational sign post down in the Metro Station.

View from Airport Shuttle Bus taking me from Terminal "B" to get off at Terminal "A".


The weather was excellent in Washington DC, but not in the mid west. Thunderstorms with high tops.

Picture of my aircraft at the Gate. Departure was delayed for about a hour.  We had to to circumnavigate bad weather by Detroit, deviating course way north to the Michigan UP and Duluth before heading south to Minneapolis where we were placed in a hold west of MSP for 30 about minutes.  There were delays and gate assignment confusion at MSP.  A broken gate jet way kept an aircraft from being un-boarded.  A new gate assignment and boarding took place.  After boarding, the aircraft had problems.  So we had to un-board and re-board at another gate.  Received a 5000 mile voucher for the inconvenience.  Rain for the late trip back to Madison.  The approach, landing and ground roll braking was the smoothest I had ever experienced on a commercial flight.

The Gate Area of Terminal "A" before waiting to board.

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