Las Vegas May 19-23, 2017


"Taking the #202 Flamingo Rd. Bus eastbound from the Bally's stop, to the Eastside Cannery. Turned right from Flamingo, going south on Boulder Hwy. by Sams's Town.


Approaching the Eastside Cannery Hotel and Casino.


The famous Longhorn is on the right.


Back westbound on Flamingo at the Westin stop. Bally's on the left.


Bally's on the left. The Bellagio straight ahead. Continuing westbound to the Rio. Bally's on the left.




From the Rio corner of W. Flamingo Rd. and S. Valley View Blvd.
Looking west at the Palm's and Gold Coast Hotels and Casinos.
2 blocks west of this intersection is Decatur Blvd., if taken straight north until it ends,
you would end up about 40 yards from West Air's gate at VGT.




Rio. You can see the both towers.
The Zipline runs to the top of the south tower on the right, to the top floor.






Rio Voodoo Zipline. I don't believe the "Tower to Tower" were operating while I was there. Didn't see any activity.
The employees at the pool didn't either. To find find out for sure would have meant a trip to the 51st floor,
by the restaurant, to find out for sure, which I didn't have the energy for. Maybe on another trip.


Rio. Zipline above appears not to be in use.


This picture was taken from the pool area. You can see the zipline on top of the Main Building.

The girl's doing the karaoke classic favorite - "Dixie Chick's - "Good Bye Earl."
No Vegas trip is complete without a Ellis Island visit.
Early sunday evening. Still going strong after all these years with Karaoke 9-3am every night.

This was a big crowd pleaser with his rendition of "Chandelier" by Sia.
He was hitting all the extremely high falsetto notes of Chandelier,
while the crowd got into the One, Two, Three, drink refrain. It isn't a tune that would stick in my brain.

Nothing has really changed on Fremont Street since my last trip.
The Ziplines were running.

After Fremont Street, took the Duece and got off my favorite McDonalds for lunch, across the street from the vacant lot which used to be the Riviera. Seems so strange that it isn't there anymore. The former site of the Star Dust, the future Eschelon Place, there finally 1 building starting to erect some steel.

With pretty much a full day to spend after hotel check-out, I decided to see what's new at the "Orleans". From the Duece stop at New York - New York, I walked to the westbound #202 Tropicanna stop to catch a ride. Orleans was a regular gig for the late Don Rickles. Air Supply was coming there during the weekend. The Cinemark Theaters were inside by the TGIF restaurant. The Bellhop station stored my bag. It was the first experience buying a theater ticket from a vending machine, which requires you to select a seat during the process. The seating was very luxurious, with the wide roomy, leather, electric switch full back reclining adjustment, with full seat level foot rests. Very comfortable and a great way to cool off and rest. Perfect for taking a nap. Afterwards, caught the #201 eastbound to the MGM stop. At the MGM stop, caught the WAX Airport Express bus that goes to Terminal #1 Ground Zero.

After getting off RTC's WAX Airport Express bus at Terminal 1, Ground Zero, I waited for the next Terminal 3 Shuttle.

Caught the Airport Shuttle to Terminal 3. There are no sidewalks or pedestrian egress between the terminals, the shuttle is the only option.


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