Amtrak October 2003

The Sear's Tower as seen from my Greyhound Bus

At the Chicago Greyhound Bus Terminal

Arriving the Chicago Greyhound Terminal.  This completed my first in a lifetime Greyhound bus ride.  I had to walk a few blocks to Union Station.  I discovered later that Van Galder Bus Service is a better option if you park their at Janesville Terminal.  Parking is a problem from Madison.  Greyhound charged $25 per week for parking.  On all my subsequent trips I used Van Galder from Janesville.  Parking is free and they bring or pick you up at the front door of Union Station and Midway Airport.

 Chicago Union Station - Historic Building

After storing my luggage in a locker at Union Station, I walked to the Sear;s Tower.

Waiting in line to purchase a ticket for the SkydeckIM000006.JPG

The ticket prices for the Skydeck

Looking southest at Meigs and Soldiers Field.   Mayor Daley destroyed Meigs

Skydeck Wall Exhibits

Skydeck Viewing windows


  Looking east out the breakwater by the marina.

Looking northeast at the John Hancock Building

Looking northeast at the John Hancock Building









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