Going by the Coast Guard Station and the boat named "Escanaba". I know Escanaba as a city in the UP of Michigan.

Closer view of the Coast Guard Station.

New waterfront condos and Boston Fire Department's "Fire Boat".

Good view of the waterfront condos and the downtown skyline of Boston.

Another good view of the waterfront condos and the downtown skyline of Boston.

Approaching the end the end of the tour with Moakey Courthouse on the left and Rowe's Wharf and downtown on the right.

Looking at the Government Center, Fanueil Hall Quincy Market area of the city. 

A front and center view of Rowe's Wharf.


Looking at the front of boat, toward the helm,  other tour boat and the Children's Museum area. site of Boston Tea Party.

The other Cruise Boat making its way back to the dock, while in front of Fan Pier and Moakley Courthouse.

Disembarking after the cruise.  A view Rowe Wharf and the Yacht "Odyssey" and Boston Harbor Hotel on the left.

 Docked after the Harbor Cruise.  I asked the tour narrator where the Boston Tea Party was.  He was a new kid, he didn't know.  He asked the boat pilot/captain and he pointed and said "right over there".  I thought the site of the Boston Tea Party would be a well known and advertised attraction, but it is not.  I walked by Children's Museum and I did not see any signage.

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