A view toward North Boston and the Zakim Bridge.  Coast Guard Station on the left

A view toward North Boston and the Zakim Bridge.

A view looking left or southwest toward the Coast Guard Station.


Approaching the "Charlestown Navy Yard" area with the "Bunker Hill Monument" in sight.

On the right is the "USS Cassin Young"  and straight ahead is the "USS Constitution" or "Old Iron Sides".  Note, the Bunker Hill Monument is just to right of "Old Iron Sides" 3 masks.


A good centered view of the USS Constitution or "Old Iron Sides".  Note the Bunker Hill Monument is now to the left of "Old Iron Sides" masks.


Looking through the construction zone across from Rowe's Wharf at the famous Custom's Tower Clock building 


View of the Leonard Zakim "Bunker Hill" Bridge.


Looking towards the Zakim Bridge, where the Charles River meets the harbor.


 Looking towards downtown, seeing the pointed roof of the Customs Clock Tower Building

The "USS Cassin Young" (DD-793) named after Captain Cassin Young, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his role in Pearl Harbor and was later killed in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.  This Fletcher-class ship was built by the Bethlehem Steel Corporation of San Pedro, Ca and was launched September 12. 1943, later commissioned on December 31, 1943.

 "USS Constitution" or "Old Iron Sides" is a wooden hulled, 3 masked frigate.  It is the oldest commissioned naval ship affloat in the world.  It was one of the original six frigates authorized by the Naval Act of 1797.  The harbor cruise boat offered to dock near her for any passengers wishing to tour the boats, but however tours have been suspended due to maintenance on both of these vessels.  Neither I, or any of the other 3 passengers opted to get off here.

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