Prudential Center's Skywalk Observatory

52-story glass and aluminum tower


Completed in 1964, the building is 759 ft (229 m) tall and has 52 floors



"Top of the Hub Restaurant", located on the 52nd floor


I purchased this admission for the Skywalk Observatory tour.  I got  headphones for the audio tour.  The tour included a mini 10 minute movie about the various attractions of  Boston from a helicopter view perspective.  I always like a birds eye view to give me the big geography perspective.  Being here will enhance my tourist tall structure resume.  I had previously visited on top of  the Empire State Building, Sears Tower, Stratosphere, London Eye, Paris Eiffel Tower, Vegas Eiffel Tower, World Trade Baltimore, Seattle's Bank of America, Smith Building and Space Needle etc..

John Hancock Building left and Logan Airport right

John Hancock Place, 200 Clarendon Street.  

Boston's tallest building; 790 feet tall and 60 stories.  It is the 45th tallest in the US and 131st tallest in the world.  The black glass design caused many problems.  Glass panes would fall out with little notice. All the glass had to be replaced.  The building was named by Bostonians as the "Plywood Palace" before the falling glass issue got resolved.  Also, they had to install a building "sway damper" on the 58th floor since the occupants often suffered from motion sickness during windy conditions.


A view looking at Boston Common and the Massachusetts State House, just left of the John Hancock Building



Center of Picture looking over Boston Commons at the Gold Dome of the Massachusetts State house. The tallest building in Boston to the margin right of the photo, The John Hancock building

Another view looking up the Charles River at the Longfellow Bridge


View of the Charles River and the Longfollow Bridge MGH or Massachusetts General Hospital to the right of the bridge. MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology is left of the bridge

Back Bay, which was swamp before it filled.  Most of Boston is landfill, the Back Bay was the largest land fill project.



A display honoring Boston's Baseball hero, who died in Crystal River Florida July 5, 2002.  I believe his body is still in cryonic suspension, in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He has a "Big Dig" Tunnel named for him, the final leg of I-90 from South Boston to Logan Airport.


Looking south at the dome roof of the Christian Science Church Park.  Green roof of Boston Symphony Hall and Northeastern University Berklee College of Music

The green roof building is where the Boston Pops play there concerts


111 Huntington Avenue

One of Boston's Newest Skyscrapers that use's its address for its name.  Completed in 2002.

distinctive open dome at the top

554 feet high and 36 floors

Boston's eighth-tallest building below. Part of Prudential Complex.

1890 Back Bay was the largest of Boston's Land fill projects, filling 579 acres surpassing 50 acres of Mill Pond in 1830, 298 acres Great Cove, 203 acres of West Cove in 1865


Looking toward Boston Logan Airport.  The John Hancock building in the left side margin.









Back looking toward the Long Fellow Bridge

"Salt and Pepper Bridge" or the "Salt and Pepper Shaker Bridge"

The bridge structure was built on the site of the 1793 West Boston Bridge and was originally known as the Cambridge Bridge, but was renamed for American Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who wrote the poem Paul Revere's Ride


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