New York Circle Line Full Circle Cruise

Riding the New York Waterway Ferry from Weehawken to Midtown Manhattan.

After driving up from West Chester, PA area, we parked at Weehawken, NJ.  Every time I look at that portrait on a ten dollar bill of George Washington's first Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton,  it makes me think of Weehawken, New Jersey, the location where he had met his demise by the quick trigger finger of Aaron Burr on July 11, 1804, but I digress.

Parked the at Lincoln Harbor,  probably called that,  since it is so close to the Lincoln Tunnel entrance.  Rode the New York Waterway Ferry across the Hudson River to the 39th Midtown dock.  No time wasted on these boats. There is not a second gap between the time the gangway door is up until the boat is moving.  We arrived at the Midtown docks and then walked a few blocks north to West 42nd St. at Pier 83.  We Purchased tickets and boarded the Circle Line "Full Circle" tour for the Island of Manhattan.

Cruising south on the Hudson River going by Pier 17.

Out in the Hudson, looking at the low overcast skyline of Manhattan.  Ceilings so low, that the top of the Empire State Building is still shrouded in the overcast.  It also was windy with intermittent rain. 

The Empire State Building top is still obscured by the low layer scud clouds.

Looks like scud layer passed by, can see the top of it now.

The New York skyline just isn't the same without the Twin Towers.

Another view where the Twin Towers once stood.

Another view of the Ground Zero location..

One more view.

Leaving behind the southern tip area of Manhattan for the Ellis Island area.

Getting closer to Ellis Island, now I know the excitement and anticipation of how those immigrants must have felt.  OK, not quite..

Ellis Island

Approaching New York's most famous landmark sculpture.

A good view of "Lady Liberty".

The best view of the Statue of Liberty as we cruise by.

Diane with the Statue

The ugly guy with the statue.

 The  Staten Island Ferry.  This picture was taken before that fatal crash of October 15, 2003 when it collided with the pier of St. George ferry terminal, killing 11 people.  I also remember that July7, 1986 when a mentally deranged Juan Gonzalez attacked passengers with a machete, killing 2 and injuring 9 others.  There were many other incidents involving the line, but those two are most notable that come to mind.

Brooklyn Bridge

 Brooklyn Bridge

I believe a Battery Park Pier area view.



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