On Saturday November 6, 2004 Left Home for the airport

1:34 PM Depart MSN on Northwest Flight #321158 to DTW Detroit arrive 1:34 PM

9:32 PM Depart DTW on Northwest Flight #32 for LGW London Gatwick arrive  Sunday 10:00 AM

Arrived Gatwick Airport

I made it through Customs and got my first rubber stamp imprint in my new passport. Then I went on to retrieve my luggage.  The luggage room was very small and so was the baggage carrousel.  I had difficulty in finding my luggage within the massive stacks of luggage strewn everywhere.  Finally, I found my remaining bag in a huge stack on the opposite side of the room.  I then went to the Trevelex vendor and exchanged some US dollars into Pounds.  I also purchased a round trip Gatwick Express Train ticket there.  Just around the corner from Travelex, the Gatwick Express train was just arriving.  I quickly boarded and enjoyed the rural countryside view of the UK, while riding the train to Victoria Station.  It was about a 30 minute ride to London Victoria Station. 

IM000001JPGJust arriving Victoria Station and disembarking the Gatwick Express Train,  I was going to snap a quick picture of the Gatwick Express Window Logo, but captured the image of this lady getting off the train instead.

IM000002JPG I think I got the picture I wanted this time, but I'm not sure.

IM000003.JPG  One more to make sure.

 IM000004.JPG I walked around to get a little familiar with London Victoria Station.  I walked outside of a nearby exit. This was the cab line.  Those are neat looking cabs.

IM000005.JPG  I planned spending a little time, before the hotel check-in at Victoria Place, a shopping mall adjacent to the the train station.  Pay toilets was a new experience for me. I paid the required 10 pence to go through the bathroom turn style to use the facilities. Then it was a big decision for me where to eat lunch.  After looking around, I decided on the KFC.  This was the first time making a purchase using that funny money.  I got change back and those dimes are only worth 5 pence.

IM000006.JPG  McDonalds

IM000007.JPG  McDonalds


IM000009.JPG  Victoria Place Store Directory











  IM000018.JPG  Big Bus parked outside of Victoria Station

 IM000019.JPG  The Big Bus tour company.  I'll be back in a day or so to take this tour.


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