IM000101JPG  Looking the "Houses of Parliament and "Big Ben". The Parliamentary Offices are across the street and to the (picture right) of the "Westminster Bridge".

IM000102.JPG From left to right on the River font of the Thames; a corner of the "Ministry of Defense Building, "Whitehall Court" and "Golden Jubilee Bridges".  Center, behind Whitehall Court" is Nelson's Column in "Trafalgar Square"

IM000103.JPG  Down below the London Eye is the tour boat "Millennium Dawn", which I will catch a ride later at the Tower of London.

 IM000104.JPG  Another picture of the Charing Cross Station and Jubilee Bridges.  I walked this area and over the bridge at night.  The bridge is kind of neat the way it is lighted at night.

IM000105.JPG The entire "House of Parliament", "Big Ben" and most of the "Westminster Bridge" gets captured in this image

IM000106.JPG The activity below at "County Hall"

IM000107.JPG  The distinctive artiecheral design of "County Hall".

IM000108.JPG  Looking below at the "London Eye's capsules and spoke design 

IM000109.JPG  The boat "Millennium Dawn" at the Millennium Pier

IM00110.JPG Westminster Bridge, Houses of Parliament and Parliament Offices

  IM000111.JPG Looking backward and below at the people nearby the "London Eye" on sidewalks.

IM000112.JPG  Looking upward at the spokes of the wheel.

IM000113.JPG People in the capsule immediately below mine

IM000114.JPG  As the wheels descends, looking back at  the anchoring footing and platform for the structure

IM000115.JPG  This is the spot where you can pose for a picture that they will sell you later.  I did not take that option.

  IM000116.JPG  A good view of the walkway between "River Thames" and "County Hall".

  IM000117.JPG  One more of that show the ornamental, lamp posts, statues on the walkway walls and riverside facade.

IM000118.JPG  The ride is almost done, starting to think about getting off.

 IM000119.JPG Almost done.

IM000120.JPG  As I was leaving.  The 30 minute ride is over.  This thing never stops.  That's why the staff hustles you off so they can hustle more people on within the embarking and disembarking ramp area.

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