Hatz Hay Meadow Field August 5, 1985 

Amy, Vicki and the Baron posing with John Hatz's Piper Cheroke PA-28-140.

Another picture with more of the airplane in the image.

Posing in front of John Hatz's J-3 Piper Cub.

I believe Vicki took this picture, well centered and good lighting with the setting sun.

Baron's expression of anxiety while in flight.

A hysterical Baron after Vicki told him we were going to crash.

Baron having a 'Berserk Attack"

Need another hankie?

Amy taking a picture of her brother and sister in the back seat after Baron's adrenaline has subsided somewhat.

 Vicki in the back seat taking a picture of Amy flying.

 Amy taking control of the airplane.

Checking out the Henrich's Club ball field where their dad was playing a game.

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