Times Square, worlds largest Internet Cafe, computers on the 2nd floor also.

Diane looking through the window at the wax statues of Madam Tousandts. 

Times Square - Looking in the front window of NASDAQ, the place that transacted numerous trading losses for me.

 Front of the Westin Hotel, looking at the scene where a person dove from the building window above to his death the day before.

Watching Regis on TV at the Westin seeing if Diane was able to get in for the show.

Jerry Seinfeld before the Regis Show.

Jerry Seinfeld outside before the Regis Show.

Mark Consuelos walking to the SUV.

The view outside of the Westin Hotel room.

Another view out the the Westin hotel room window.

Diane made it back from the ABC Studios, but didn't get in for the show.

Riding the 6 Express Line from Times Square to Grand Central Station.

Me standing holding the rail in the subway.

Diane and Lon at Grand Central Station.


  Me and Diane at Grand Central Station.

The sculpture on the of the front facade of Grand Central Station.

Me in front of Grand Central Station.


Diane and Lon in front of the United Nations Building.


In front of the United Nations Building at the twist barrel gun sculpture.

Me in front of the United Nations Building.

  Diane and Lon in front of the United Nations Building.

 Me with Koffi Annan,  Boutros Boutros-Ghali,  Javier Perez de Cuellar and Kurt Waldheim, U Thant and the rest.

 Diane and Lon in the General Assembly.

 Muriel in the hallway.

 Another mural in the hallway.

Looking at the General Assembly Podium.

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