Lon and Diane in the Un General Assembly Hall.

Me in the Un General Assembly Hall.

Lon and Diane at Times Square.

 After some food and drink at the "Jekyll and Hyde Club".  Quite the concept club.

Diane signing the wall "Ground Zero".

 Before the start of the Central Park Carriage Ride.

  Central Park Carriage Ride for the anniversary couple along with their chaperone.

The NYPD tow truck parked in front of the NBC Studio Rainbow entrance.  

Diane and Lon up in the 35th floor Rainbow Room of NBC.  A view of the Empire State Building.

Another view from the Rainbow Room.

Me at Ground Zero.

The worlds most famous toy store.  FAO Schwartz

Looking down into the pit at Ground Zero.


  From the boardroom to the street, Donald told me, "You're Fired!".  I inspired the idea for the "Apprentice".

Diane during the Central Park Carriage Ride.

In China Town.

At Grand Central waiting for the 6 line to Spring Street, Chinatown and Little Italy"

Diane at Ground Zero.

  I believe it the famous Plaza Hotel.

 The famous Exex hotel sign as viewed from Central.  View included in many movies.

 Lon and Diane at Ground Zero.

 Diane and Lon at Ground Zero.

Diane in Little Italy Mulberry Street.

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