064.jpg Looking southeast at the Brooklyn Bridge

065.jpg  Looking south toward the "Ground Zero" area.

066.jpg  That tall church immediately south?

067.jpg Looking south.

068.jpg  Looking south, hoping one of these pictures capture the Statue of Liberty.

069.jpg  Calling the big City of Merrill.



  071.jpg  The haze is lifting a bit.  Looking east at Queens and the Bronx.

072.jpg  The Brooklyn Bridge again.

073.jpg  The United Nations Building again.


074.jpg  Walking by Macy's again on the way back to the hotel.


  076.jpg  Bryant Park?

  077.jpg  The "National Debt Clock"

  078.jpg  Radio City Music Hall, Home of the Rockett's,

 079.jpg  Entrance to th "GE" Building f/n/a Rockfeller and RCA Building, home of NBC


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