041.jpg East northeast view.  You can see the United Nations building just to the left of those smoke stacks.

042.jpg Looking southeast down the East River towards Brooklyn.


 044.jpg  Looking northwest towards the "Times Square area.

045.jpg  Looking straight north at the "GE Building" and "Central Park".

046.jpg A good close up view of the radio antennas on top of this building.

047.jpg Looking West northwest toward the "Intrepid Aircraft Carrier' museum area on the Hudson River.

048.jpg Looking , northeast.  From the left the wide white building is the "Met Life Building, formerly the "Pan Am" Building which is in front of "Grand Central Station".  The Chrysler Building in the center and the United Nations building to the right.


050.jpg  Looking straight north at the "GE Building" and "Central Park" on the hazy horizon.


  051.jpg  Looking northeast again, "Chrysler Building" on the left and the "United Nations" building on the East River front.

052.jpg  Attempting to focus on the the audio tour player gadget.  They have numbers to push corresponding to the location signs.  A former New York cab driver does the audio narration of the sights you should be seeing.  He has the stereotypical New York accent voice. 

053.jpg  Looking straight west over the roof top of my hotel at New Jersey on the other side of the Hudson River.


054.jpg  Another view of the antenna structures at the top.

055.jpg  Looking southwest through the haze of Manhattan with Hoboken, NJ across the Hudson River.

  056.jpg  Looking northwest at the Hudson River piers,

  057.jpg  Looking southwest at the Hudson River Piers and the Heliport where I will be taking a fligh from.

  058.jpg  Looking west at my hotel.

 059.jpg  Looking at South Manhattan, the haze obscures the Statue of Liberty

060.jpg Looking at South Manhattan, the haze obscures the Statue of Liberty.

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