In the front entrance of "Independence Hall" is a "Statue of George Washington".  It was erected in 1869.  In 1860,  Philadelphia schoolchildren started collecting pennies to pay for it.

Abraham Lincoln stood here on February 22, 1861 and delivered a speech with the famous quote, "I have never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the sentiments embodied in the Declaration of Independence." Read His Speech

President John F. Kennedy's July 4, 1962 was given from here.  Listen

Did this tour the last time I was in Philadelphia, will skip it this trip.

Plaque on the "Old City Hall".  The US Supreme Court met here 1791-1800

Brittany took a liking to this horse.  We'll have see if it is willing to pull all of us around for awhile for a few oats.

Another picture of the horse, with the carriage and driver that we will ride with in a few minutes.

I should have turned the camera vertical to get everything in the picture.

Brittany and Melinda with "Independence Hall" in the background.

Melinda and Brittany sitting in the horse carriage, feeling the great excitement and anticipation of the impending ride.

  Our white stove pipe hat wearing, horse carriage driver and tour narrator, looking back at his passengers.

Looks like Brittany is having fun.

Diane and Lon

Brittany and Grandma

Diane and Lon


  Melinda and that creepy old ugly guy.

  One picture was one too many.

 Another one is undeniably reprehensible.

Betsy Ross Tombstone which is adjacent to her house.  A new years baby of 1752, died January 30, 1836 at 84, very long life.

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