After getting off the Van Galder Bus at Union Station and storing my luggage in a locker, I walked a short distance to this intersection of Jackson Blvd. and Whacker Dr. to catch a tour of Chicago, since the train wasn't leaving for another 3-4 hours.

From the intersection of Jackson Blvd and Whacker Dr. looking up at the Sears Tower.  Tallest US Building 110 stories.

The other Chicago Trolley buses parked along Whacker Dr,

 I wanted a picture of the name of the trolley.


Inside the Chicago Trolley waiting for the tour to begin.

Donald Trump's Chicago construction project.

Donald Trump's Chicago construction project.


Wrigley Building?





Chicago Museum of Art

 Chicago Museum of Art 

  Chicago Museum of Art



Looking at the Sears Tower while driving on LSD or Lake Shore Drive.

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