Audio visual display demonstration about the brewery process.

Seth, our tour guide gathers the group around to begin the tour.

Visiting the Budweiser Clydesdales.

 The semi trailer truck that transports the Budweiser Clydesdales to their booked events.

Most of the Clydesdales are outside enjoying the nice weather.

Nicely groomed horses.

For brewery grounds, this place is landscaped really nice.

Another view of the Clydesdales mobile stable semi trailer truck.

The brewery piping overhead and to the left as we make our way to the Clydesdales stables.

The front entrance to the Clydesdales stables.

  Inside the Clydesdales stables.  Looks and smells more like the inside of a church, than a barn, even though I haven't had much experience in either, just a speculative opinion.

"Clydesdales Wagon"

"Clydesdales Harness Display"

Not all of them are outside at least not "Bruce" here.

Another view of the "Bud Wagon".

  Decorated with lots of gold ordainments.

  Inside the "Brew House" hyping Bud's beechwood aging process.

Another view of the beechwood aging tank.

 Looking at one of the brewery buildings.

The "Mash Tanks". The malt is crushed to break apart the grain kernels, increase their surface area, and separate the smaller pieces from the husks. This causes "grist" which is mixed with heated water in a vat called a "mash tun".  This is called "mashing". The natural enzymes within the malt break down much of the starch into sugars to assist the fermentation process.  After this mash is strained/filtered it is called "Wort" and is transferred to the brew tanks.

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