The train conductor standing by the EMS gurney outside.

She is now in the care of the Marshall, Texas EMT's and we are back on our way to Dallas.

I arrived Dallas Union Station and got the first cab lined up and we were immediately off to my motel.  Earlier in the morning I had made the mistake of opening my bottle of Diet Pepsi that I had in the seat pouch ahead of me.  The curves and train sways had shaken the contents.  Needless to say, I became quite sticky from the spray,  After checking into the motel, I got cleaned up with a clothes change.  The motel shuttle van gave me a ride back to Dealey Plaza, the reason I wanted to come to Dallas.

 That free motel shuttle service came in quite handy getting to the JFK Museum and Amtrak.  It was a very useful convenience I had not known about.  I was very pleased with my choice of accommodations.  Nice room, good TV, good price and good shuttle service.  But I digress, I'm back at the JFK Museum taking this picture.

Taking a picture of another sign to prove that I was here.

Looking up at the Hyatt Reunion Tower from the JFK Museum parking lot, I'll have to get up there.

50-story, 645 feet tall  "Thanksgiving Tower" is located at  601 Elm Street and was built in 1982.

Approaching the JFK Museum door, now I know what Lee Harvey Oswald saw when going to work each day.

Oh no! No photography. Well let me tell you what I saw.  They have have the boxes set -up as a "Sniper's Den" exhibit.  This is enclosed by Plexiglas so you can't look out the same window as Oswald.  You could look out the window adjacent to this one and look down at the traffic going by below.  They had the actual window sash assembly removed and on display.  I guess it was removed originally for investigative purposes.  They had wall diagram displays, AP teletype news wire flash print-outs, audio visual presentations of JFK speech, photos  etc.  The seventh floor had art displays.  The first floor was a gift shop selling books and everything about that day in Dallas.  Well its time to go outside and solve this case.   Warren Commission Report Incompetence

Looking up at the 6th floor Sniper's Den.  This is a seven story building, so it is the 2nd corner window down from the top. I got to look out the arched window to its immediate right or picture left.

  Another picture of the Sniper's Den window.  I got the GPS Coordinates on the side walk straight down from the Sniper's Den.  They are N32:46.782 W096:48.495.

This picture was taken on the road where the first X was painted, location of the first bullet striking Kennedy in the neck and the only bullet I believe that struck Kennedy coming from Oswald's rifle.  Note the white concrete pedestal on the right.  This is where Abraham Zapruder was set up with his 8 mm home movie camera taking one of the world's most famous home movies.

From this same location looking a little left and upward, you can see the Reunion Tower through the trees.  I will get up there.

411 Elm Street, is the address of the "School Book Depository", f/n/a Dallas County Administration Building.  The 400 Elm Street sign denotes the block.  It is mounted on a traffic light standard pole at the intersection.

501 Elm Place is the building Kennedy drove by just before the School Book Depository building.  It is right at the corner where the procession made the left turn onto Elm Street.  Many conspiracy theorists claim there gunman in this building also.

  While making my to the Zupruter filming location, I took a picture of this dedication plaque to Johh Nelley Bryan, In 1841 frontiersman Tenneseee lawyer, John Neeley Bryan built a log cabin on the site, on a bluff overlooking the Trinity River.  Since then they relocated the Trinity River a mile west.

  The guy in the white shirt is looking at the exact location where the 2nd fatal bullet struck Kennedy.  I'm trying to get out in the street here and get a picture of that first X,  then capture the exact GPS coordinates where the 1st bullet had struck Kennedy, but the traffic isn't cooperating.  It was a very close call attempting to get the first picture from here.

You can see where one of Oswald's bullets apparently struck the road concrete.  I am told by the guy selling the JFK newspapers that this is where a concrete sample was removed for metal analysis testing.  I can of doubt that claim, since I would think this road way would have been resurfaced many times since November 22, 1963.  But they have the painted X's on the roadway denoting the exact location where the bullets struck the president.  Maybe this was also put there for historical purposes.

 The rear bumper of this car is exactly where Kennedy was struck with the fatal shot. I believe this shot came from the grassy knoll. I'll elaborate later why this is the only plausible, logical conclusion I can believe.

The red and white painted X in road marks the exact location where Kennedy was struck with the 2nd and fatal bullet.  I was able to sneak out in-between traffic and obtain/capture the exact GPS coordinates of that X , of N32:46.744 W096:48.519, with my Garmin GPS III, on May 12, 2005 at 2:53 P.M.

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