While waiting at the Queens Casino Metro train platform, I took this picture looking south across the river.  You can the see the Gateway Arch to the right..

This is another picture looking south at Queens Casino on the river bank.  The "I-55/ I-64" and "Douglas McArthur Railroad Bridge" can also be seen.

Looking south more on shore than down the river you can see the Casino Queen's hotel.

 Looking east northeast form the Queens Metro stop you can see the Edward Jones Dame, Martin Luther King Memorial Bridge,  and President's Casino .

A view looking west down the Metro tracks.

At the Casino Queen metro stop, it is time to catch it west to check on Busch Stadium construction.

Getting off at the new "Busch Stadium" construction stop.

New "Busch Stadium" construction.

Looks like the new grand stand area of Busch Stadium.

  New Busch Stadium construction site.

New Busch Stadium construction site.

The stairwell up to the Metro station, by Busch Stadium.  Convenient way to get to a ballgame.

International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, which I saw by Busch Stadium.  Web Site

The old home of the St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium.

  This was a place that looked worth while checking out, but it wasn't.  At least they had an ice cream place in there.

  I stopped at the St.  Louis Center. This was my last picture of the day.  This was a big mall with very few tenants.  A lot of vacant square footage.  After this stop, I headed back to Lacledes stop, picked up my stored luggage at the motel and headed back to the Amtrak Station.  I waited for the Amtrak Texas Eagle to arrive.

I retrieved my luggage and made it back to the Amtrak Station.  The Texas Eagle arrived around 10:00 P.M.  I boarded, caught some sleep during the night and this was the first picture I took the next day.  

A ways back after Little Rock, AR and a little ways before this location, was "Hope, Arkansas", birthplace of Bill Clinton. President.   It's kind of ironic that one train route has ties to successive presidents, #42 and #43. This train will also go by George W. Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch, just before McGregor, Texas.

"Texarkana", stopped partially in Arkansas and partially in Texas.

 Stopped and delayed at the Marshall,Texas Amtrak Station stop.  A woman was unconscious in the front of my train car, probably due to a diabetic condition.  EMS arrived.

Waiting at the Marshall, Texas Amtrak Station.

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