Dealey Plaza as taken through the cloudy Plexiglas of Reunion Tower.  I'll use this picture to illustrate the JFK motorcade route below.

I did a little photo line drawing to the picture above, to put the JFK motorcade route into perspective.

Looking straight at the "American Airlines Center" where that billionaire Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks play basketball.

I can get a sharper picture shooting through this fence instead of the Plexiglas, but the fence obstructs the view.  I wish they had those photo ports like they have at the Eiffel in Vegas.

 I don't know for sure what this building is below.  Could it be the Dallas Morning News and Channel 8 TV?

These were my wheels while I was in Dallas.  Although I was in taxi within a minute of stepping off the train upon my arrival, I used this courtesy hotel transportation to get to the JFK Museum and back and to catch the train to San Antonio on my last day.  In addition, the lobby had a free internet access computer that I used to check my emails.  I was very pleased with accommodations and amenities for the price.

  View of where my Quality Inn Motel room, was here in Dallas.

  Another view of my Dallas transportation.

Looking at the impressive Hyatt Regency Hotel complex which has 1122 rooms.

 Looking up at the "Reunion Tower", which is part of the Regency complex.  I had just come down from there.

There is a tunnel entrance at Union Station (400 S. Houston St) that provides egress underground to the Hyatt Regency and Reunion Tower.  It is a neat tunnel walk with old music piped in, historic memorabilia exhibits and photographs of old Dallas and Texas on display through-out the tunnel.  In this picture you can see of those DART trains, which is close to to the tunnel entrance.

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