50-story, 645 feet tall  "Thanksgiving Tower" is located at  601 Elm Street and was built in 1982.

A "TRE", Trinity Railway Express train, that operates between Dallas and Fort Worth DFW Airport.

Looking at the DART trains across the tracks from here.

 I can see my ride to San Antonio is arriving, The Amtrak Texas Eagle.

Yes, its slowing down.

It's stopping for me.

People are disembarking from the train, like me a day ago.

The train isn't that long today, as it parked at the Dallas Union Station train platform.

You say you haven't seen enough of Dealey Plaza yet?  The train is giving me this additional opportunity.

Sitting here in my train seat, you can see the 2nd car marking the spot where Kennedy got killed.

  Another picture, why not, I don't have to worry about running out of film with this camera.

The silver car is located where Kennedy received his fatal shot.

Still stopped on triple underpass bridge, I guess from this perspective triple overpass bridge is more correct.

Straight north up Elm Street.

Looking north up elm Street, the School Book Depository and the "Thanksgiving Tower". 

  It feels like the train is moving again.

  Yes, we are moving again and to the right, past the parking lot, is where the grassy knoll gunman fired the fatal shot from.

One last look at the School Book Depository as we are pulling away from Dallas.  I had time enough to solve this long mystery..

 One last view of Dallas as we depart on the rails.

Approaching Fort Worth, Texas

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