My tram capsule has just arrived and is unloading.  After it was unloaded, I entered, crouched and squeezed in the capsule for the ride to the top.  The tram car uncomfortably fits 5 people.  You can hear the cables pulling the trams, it sounds like the tram cars are on a guide rail that clicks like a locking rail ratchet behind, as they ascend up the arch.

At the top of the arch, 630 feet.  You can see up to 30 miles on a clear day.

People looking out the arch windows.

 Looking at the "Old Courthouse" or "County Hall", where the Dred Scott case was decided.

Looking at the old "Busch Stadium" home the St Louis Cardinals.  The new stadium was being built just to the left of it in this picture.  The new stadium is completed now.

Looking north at the "Edward Jones Dome" and my motel across the street from it.

Another north view.

Looking out from the Mississippi River side of the arch.  Looking north at a river barge, Eads and Martin Luther King Memorial Bridges and the Queen's River boat Casino on the East St. Louis river bank side..

Looking down at the Mississippi River Cruise docks, where I am headed to next.

Looking at the I-55/ I-64 Bridge and Douglas McArthur Railroad Bridge.  This was bridge that Amtrak brought me over into town.  The railroad tracks follow the Mississippi River on the Illinois side, before crossing over the bridge into St. Louis.  It was a great view to see the the Gateway Arch at night from this perspective, with the arch lit up against the skyline lights of Saint Louis.  It was also interesting seeing the foundry casting work going on, (huge fan housings), as we were crawling by a foundry, that was located so close the railroad tracks, prior to the train making the extremely slow crossing over the bridge. 

  Looking north again at the Eads and Martin Luther King Memorial Bridges.  The Metro train crosses under the roadway of the Eads Bridge.  I took the Metro train into East St Louis as far as it went and then rode it back and got off at the Queen's Casino, just before the bridge.  Not the best neighborhoods while traveling east of the Mississippi, a lot of gang bangers at the stops. 

Looking south again at the I-55/ I-64 Bridge and Douglas McArthur Railroad Bridges.

"County Hall"

Old "Busch Stadium"

I haven't discovered the name of this tall building yet.

  Looking down at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park area.

  The south tram, the one we used to get up and down from here.

Right at the top of the arch, 630 feet.

 Lining up to catch the tram back down.

The old Busch Stadium. To the left, is the new Busch Stadium. The new stadium was completed in time for the Cardinal to become the first team since 1923 to win the World Series, in their first season and in their new ballpark 10-27- 2006.  They beat the Detroit Tigers in game 5.

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