Waiting to catch the tram back down.  I took Tram Car #3 back down.

Walking down to take a Mississippi River Cruise.

Looking at the Eads and Martin Luther King Memorial Bridges from ground level.

 Closer view of the River Cruise Boat docks.

From the dock looking northeast at the Queens Casino boat on the East St. Louis, IL shore.

From the docks looking back and up at the Gateway Arch.

The previous river boat cruise making its way back to the docks.

I purchased my ticket and bought a cheeseburger, hotdog and Diet Pepsi for a quick lunch prior to my cruise.

A close up view of the cruise boat.

I am about to board the "Tom Sawyer".  It seems these boats are named after the fictional characters from Mark Twain's series of books, like "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn".

  Form the deck of the Tom Sawyer looking back at the "Gateway Arch.

Looking north under the Eads and Martin Luther King Memorial Bridges at the "President's Casino's silver boat, on the Missouri shoreline.

Looking at the "Becky Thatcher" cruise boat, named after the fictional character in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" book, (the daughter of Judge Thatcher, and she is known for the mutual infatuation she and Tom Sawyer shared).

Sitting on the deck of the "Tom Sawyer" waiting for the tour to begin.

The water paddle wheel is for looks only.  It does not function.

  Looking under the arch at the "County Hall".

  A more level picture looking at "County Hall" under the legs of the "Gateway Arch".

Looking across the river at the "Queens Casino Boat".

The "Gateway Arch" as viewed from the middle of the Mississippi River.

Cruising north up the ole Mississippi approaching the Eads and Martin Luther King Memorial Bridges.

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