Going under the bridge approaching the "Presidents Casino Boat".

A view of the walk ramp docks to the "President's Casino".

Going by the "President's Casino Boat".

 Going by the "President's Casino Boat".  I did visit this place later to eat their buffet.  A short walk from where I was staying.  I didn't have any luck with the slots.  Website

Looking back south down the Mississippi at the "Presidents Casino", "Martin Luther King Memorial Bridge", "Eads Bridge", "Gateway Arch", "I-55/ I-64 Bridge" and in far distance the "Douglas McArthur Railroad Bridge".

Looking at the "Gateway Arch" and the "Saint Louis Skyline" from the Mississippi River.

My Econo Lodge is a few blocks past here in this direction.

The Union Power Station.

A barge being loaded with of grain.

More barge loading activity.

  A barge being loaded with rock salt, if I correctly remember.

View of the boat flag looking at the "Gateway Arch" and the city skyline as we cruise by on the Mississippi.

I got the flag centered in the arch in this photo.

I got the "County Hall" centered in the arch in this photo.

Looking towards the front of the cruise boat.

  Approaching the "I-55/ I-64 Bridge".

  About to go under the "I-55/ I-64 Bridge" and next is the "Douglas McArthur Railroad Bridge", which you can see an Amtrak train crossing on it right now.

Approaching the "Douglas McArthur Railroad Bridge", the train is almost over it.

 Approaching the "Douglas McArthur Railroad Bridge".  This is the bridge I crossed while riding "Amtrak's Texas Eagle" to get here.  

Looking back north at the freeway bridge and the "Gateway Bridge".

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