Looking southwest at Circus Circus.

The "Observation Deck" isn't high enough, I wanted a higher view yet on this "Big Shot" ride.

The sun is causing the squinting of the eyes again.  This is my first trip Vegas and within less than 2 hours upon touching down at the airport I am on top of the Stratosphere and I am about to ride the "High Roller" and "Big Shot".  Time management.

 A view looking north at "Las Vegas Downtown" and beyond is the Spring Mountain range on the left.

About to board the Stratosphere's "High Roller" roller coaster.  The highest roller coaster in the world.

I snapped this picture of the "Hilton" just before the ride started.

The" Big Shot Ride" is the ride up the pole on the tallest building west of the Mississippi River.  Lots of fun to ride.  You are launched like a rocket to the top of the pole (best view in Vegas), then you drop like a rock and pull a few "Gs" out of your seat.

The "High Roller" roller coaster.

Downtown view, where the "Fremont Street Experience is located.

"Aladdin Hotel Casino"

 Walkway to "MGM Grand" from the "Tropicana".

The late Rodney got no respect at the MGM Grand.

Looking at the "Empire State Building of "New York, New York".

"Bourbon Street Walk of Fame"

"Bourbon Street Walk of Fame"

 "Bourbon Street Walk of Fame" 

  "Bourbon Street Walk of Fame"

  The fountain in front of "Paris".

 The Lions inside the "MGM Grand".

Walking to "New York, New York".

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