Another picture from the bus, prior to parking, of the Hoover Dam Visitor Center.

A close weight comparison test.  The weighs more, I think.

A long way down to the Colorado River from here.

 Looks like a pretty tight seam where the new concrete meets the old rock.

I have to admit some pretty nice masonry work.

As you can tell by the waterline, they use to have more water to work with.

A view of the roadway above.

Looking at the Exhibits Building

A view out the window from the Visitor Center Cafeteria. I had a slice of pizza and a hot dog for breakfast.


 The escalator up to the Gift Shop and cafeteria.

The "Scalier" sculpture.

The angling pylon power line structures.


The parking garage at Hoover Dam.

Kent the bus driver, pulls up for boarding.

  Another picture from the road while riding on the bus.

  A good elevated view from the road while on the bus.

  Lake Mead Recreational Area.

 Lake Mead Recreational Area.

Lake Mead Recreational Area.

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