New York

MGM Grand

Tropacana Waterfall Entrance

Hooters, believe this was San Remos the last time I was here

MGM Grand Monorail Platform

Lon and Diane at the LINQ Water Fountain
After finding them at the Caesars Palace Old Homestead Steakhouse

Looking east at the Riviera towards Monaco Tower Room #5202

To the Monaco Tower 12th floor room, pretty much a straight walk from the Riviera Strip bus stop

Front of the Riviera, looking north

Girl posing to be the 8th Riviera Crazy Girl

Encore expansion project under contruction, next to Trump, "Major Lazer", across from the Riviera

Slotzila zip line at the Fremont Street Experience

Slotzila admission Wrist band, only $20

Coming out of Slotzila by the "T & Z" in Slotzila, zipping down Fremont Street

Rick & Lon on Fremont Street after the Slotzila zip line ride

Lon about to check into the Heart Attack Grill

Gowns and ID wrist bands upon admission

Inside the Heart Attack Grill, Note the big Stethoscope hanging from the ceiling

The much dreaded Spanking parlor with I-Pad camera recording for Web-Streaming

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