Getting checked out by Doc Jon Basso and Nurse Lorren

Who's this ugly guy ordering a Single Bypass Burger?


Diane and Lon all gowned up

Lon's filled prescription of Captain Morgan Rum to be taken by mouth

Diane getting her heart checked by Doctor Jon Basso

Huge pill bottle decor suspended from the ceiling

Diane checking out the numerous Wall poster decorations

The entire suspended stethoscope and other items hanging from the ceiling

Weigh over #350 you eat free, almost for me, but ate free any, thanks Lon!

My single by-pass burger arrives, smallest item on the menu & flat liner fries, how am I going to finish that?

Diane gets her order

Wasn't able to finish the burger, getting spanked really hard, OUCH!

Looking south on Las Vegas Blvd. from the Duece Bus, Heart Attack Grill stop

On the top deck, in the coveted front window seat of the Duece Bus, this one has operational air conditioning

Waiting for the Bellagio Tram south, closer to the Luxor for the Titanic exhibit

Lon and Diane at the Bellagio Tram

Titanic Exhibit Ticket
Unfortunately no photography allowed
Daniel Coxon "A/K/A Popcorn Dan" Merrill, WI
His name was included on the Victim's Panel of the 529 3rd Class Passengers - Column 3, Line 13

Inside the Luxor, making our way upstars to the Titanic artifact exhibit

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