I'm back at Union Station today and I am going to take a "DUCK" tour.  The Old Town Trolley tour was yesterday.  

  I'll take this Tourmobile tour bus tomorrow, since it goes to the Jefferson and FDR Memorials.  The others do not. 

Inside Union Station where they sell the tour tickets.  I purchased a DUCK ticket for a tour leaving in 30 minutes, just enough time to go down stairs and eat lunch first.


Picture of the impressive inside decor with the centurion statues and shops.  

As long I was downstairs to each lunch, I had a few minutes to take a couple pictures of the Metro station here.  

Looking down the Metro tracks  

 Exiting the Union Station Metro Station to the shops.  

Looking down at the impressive food court area.  A place that sustained me nutritionally during my stay in DC. The movie theater marquee is on the right.

Getting the pre-tour briefing from the DUCK Captain.

The DUCK is moving out of Columbus Circle.  The flags of the states around the circle, in in order of admission to the Union, plus the flags of the U.S. territories and the District of Columbia.

 Some more flags as we are pulling of Columbus Circle.  

The Columbus Statue and the Freedom Bell in front of Union Station at Columbus Station. The 15 foot Columbus faces the US Capitol Building. At each side of Columbus are figures, one on the left represents the Old World and the one on the right, grasping a crumpled map, represents the new world.  The monument was constructed of Georgia marble.  The garland connects four eagles.  The flag poles represent the 3 - 1492 ships, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

A more frontal view of the Columbus Statue.

C-SPAN Studios adjacent to Columbus Circle.

  The Hall of States Building, This building houses 32 state offices.

Looking at the fountain and the United States Capitol Building.  


 I believe this is the C-SPAN or Fox Studios building.  

 Looking west down the National Mall at the Washington Mounument.

Looking west down the National Mall at the Washington Mounument.

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