I am walking by the Arlington Memorial Bridge, on the Potomac River viewing area where people watch the Barge Band concerts. I am going to get some close up pictures of those gold statues.

 Flanking the eastern ends of the bridge and the parkway are two pairs of monumental neoclassical equestrian sculpture on identical pedestals.  This one is "Music and Harvest" on the left consists of a winged horse, Pegasus, between a male figure with a bundle of wheat and a sickle and a woman with a harp.

This statue is a male equestrian is accompanied by a female striding forward with a shield. The sculptors were commissioned in l925 and their designs approved in 1933, but the statues were not erected until 1951 after they were cast and gilded by Italy as a gift to the United States. The gilding was restored in 1971.

  Arlington Memorial Bridge, from the Potomac River viewing area, where people in the old days would listen and watch the Barge Band concerts the Potomac River and fireworks,

Looks like some rowing team is practicing on the Potomac River.  They are probably from George Washington University, 

By the Arlington Memorial Bridge, on the Potomac River viewing are where people watch the Barge Band concerts. The backside of the Lincoln Memorial is across the street from here.  The side where you can see "Wisconsin" inscribed on eaves trim.

 The seats are close to road, hope this guy doesn't jump the curb. Close to the  Arlington Memorial Bridge also.

From these seats looking back over the trees at the Lincoln Memorial.  It's surprising more haven't discovered this place. 

It's time to call it another day. I'm walking to the motel from Union Station I noticed the Government Printing Office where I have ordered many publications from.

Walking by the District of Columbia Housing Authority on the way to my motel.

   District of Columbia Housing Authority.

  District of Columbia Housing Authority Police vehicle.

Several District of Columbia Housing Authority police vehicles are parked here.  Must be for public housing enforcement.

One of the public housing projects across the street from the DCHA offices.  Well this is the last picture for the day as I am walking back to motel from Union Station.  I try to the walk while it is still daylight especially in this area.  Other times I have taken the $6 cab ride from Union Station to get to the motel.

I missed the bus yesterday.  I didn't see this sign.  Today, I'll be the first one on the bus to Dulles.

The bus to Dulles was stopped in traffic, so I pictured Alan Greenspan's Federal Reserve, please keep the interest rates low.

Going by the Watergate and Kennedy Center area. 

Arriving at the front door of the museum,  I took this picture from my bus seat, which you can see reflected off the glass. It was about a 50 minute ride to get here from DC.

People still disembarking from my bus at the museum.

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