The entrance door of the Red Flight simulator  

My turn is next to ride this Shuttle Flight simulator.  

From the museum Control Tower, looking out and down to front entrance of the museum.

 From the museum Control Tower, looking at hanger style construction of the museum. 

Another look at the museum roof design style.  

Looking at the runways at Dulles Airport. 

Looking at the Terminal Buildings of Dulles Airport, I believe.   

Approach end to a runway at Dulles Airport. 

More informational displays in the Museum's Control Tower.

Tribute  to Don Engen.

 Museum Parking Lot as seen from the Museum Control Tower.  

Another directional view of the museum property landscape.  

People looking at the air traffic at Dulles.

Another good place to watch the Dulles Airport traffic.

 Radar simulation display, blurry since those aircraft targets and data blocks are moving.   

 The upper floor of the Museum.  

 My ride back to Washington DC has just arrived.

It's about a 50 minute bus ride to Washington DC, the sign I missed the day before.

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