Waterfront SEU Metro Station.

Waterfront advertising.  

From the Waterfront SEU Metro Station escalators, I made my way to end of 6th Street.

The green arrow on this "Google Map" indicates where the boat cruises originate from.

Waterfront Marina. Longer walk than I thought. 

Some boats at the Marina.

Some more boats. 

 The Marina walkway and docks.

Odyssey Dinner cruise boat.

Odyssey Dinner Cruise Boat, you can see the dining tables through the windows.  I didn't buy a ticket for the cruise.

The Spirit of Washington DC, another cruise boat.

 That Potomac Spirit Cruise was the one I would be interested in.  

People gathering to board one of the cruises. 

I believe another cruise boat.

Another cruise boat.

  Walking back, a view of the harbor patrol docks.  

Police boat that is in the parking lot instead of the water.

 Police Harbor Patrol building.

New day. Making the most of my last day in DC.  Catching the Tourmobile at Union Station.

Picking up some riders on the way.  My destination is the Jefferson Memorial. No Metro nearby there.  The Tourmoblile is the only tour bus that goes there and the only tour bus that is permitted to do the inside Arlington Cemetery tours.  The tour narrations are quite formal and polished.  This is the only official National Park Service sanctioned tours.  This makes the third tour DC bus tour for me. I had previously had taken the Old Towne Trolley and the DUCKs. 

United States Parks Vehicles blocking the road egress areas to the Jefferson Memorial.

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