Statue of Eleanor Roosevelt at the FDR Monument complex.  

Water fall at the FDR Monument complex.  

  Water fall at the FDR Monument complex.

 Looking back at the Jefferson Memorial over the Tidal Basin.  

You can rent a paddle boat to do this.   Looking back at the Jefferson Memorial over the Tidal Basin,  

 Looking back at the "Bureau of Engraving and Printing" building, I believe, past the Tidal Basin.

Washington Monument, view from walkway by the FDR Monument complex. 

 One more picture of the Jefferson Memorial.  

FDR and his dog "Fala".  

Wall display at FDR Monument.

The "Depression  Era" statues.

Good view of Washington Monument from the FDR Monument.  

FDR's custom made wheelchair.  

This plaque inside the entrance to the FDR Visitor's Center.  

 Catching the Metro at Arlington, actually a quicker way of getting than using the shuttle tour buses.  

Another view while heading down to the Metro Station.  I just wanted to get familiar with the Metro stop here.

Riding the Metro and getting off at the Pentagon City Fashion Centre Mall.

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