National Park Service Guide explaining some of FDR's  history and monument attractions.  

He continues with his FDR presentation.  

Explaining the story about his mostly concealed handicap condition while in office and this statue.

FDR Memorial Wall with the engraved inscription, "President Of The United States 1933-1945".

I could not resist this picture, since it was flying so low.  I just realized how close we are to Reagan National Airport.   Can you tell I have a mindset for airplanes?

   Memorial 1933 Plaque of an Eagle, the year FDR became president.

 "This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny".  Reagan often quoted that line.

Park Service Ranger presentation about the water fall.

The waterfall is a good picture taking opportunity.

Some of the tourist gathered around to listen to the presentation.

 "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself".  

  The "Depression" display presentation. 

"Water Fall"

A picture to illustrate how large of scale this memorial complex is.

Wall inscription from a speech passage.  

People posing for a picture at the waterfall.  

Hate war speech quotes inscribed on the wall.  

 "Fala" and "FDR".  

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