"Arlington Memorial Amphitheater" is on the other side of the Tomb of Unknown Soldier Building, where the president speaks from on Memorial Day.  

The seats of "Arlington Memorial Amphitheater".  It was completed in 1921.  

Around 5,000 people attend the Memorial Dan and Veteran's Day ceremonies each year.  The structure is mostly built of Imperial Danby marble from Vermont.

Bad picture of the   "Arlington Memorial Amphitheater" .

Arlington National Cemetery welcome sign.  Taken while waiting for the tour bus to arrive.

  Waiting for the Tour Bus to arrive, which is just outside of the cemetery.  The National Park Service vehicles, Tourmobiles are permitted to enter the cemetery, but not the Old Town Trolley's which I rode.

   Waiting for the tour bus to arrive.  I don't know if these are cherry trees or not, but they're in bloom.  I think I was a couple weeks late for the cherry blossom peak in the tidal basin area.

The tour bus arrives 

The tour bus arrives 

The tour bus arrives 

 Off the tour bus and back at the Lincoln Memorial stop.  I'm now walking to the Korean War Memorial.  

Picture of Landing Approach to Reagan National Airport  

Picture of Landing Approach to Reagan National Airport

  Korean Memorial War Memorial area, including the wall

Visiting the Korean Memorial War Memorial, looking back at the Lincoln Memorial

The Reflecting Pond and Washington Monument from the sidewalk level in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  

 Looking at the steps to the entrance of the  Lincoln Memorial, the same steps where Martin Luther King made his famous "I Got A Dream" speech. 

This picture is taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial looking at the reflecting pond and the Washington Monument. 

Abraham Lincoln sitting in his "Lincoln Monument"

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