I finally made it to the fence to get this picture of the "White House". 

This one turned out fairly well, with the setting sun putting some light on the subject.

  One more of the "White House".

"President's Park Map Directory" near the "White House" area and the "Treasury Building".  

"United States Treasury Building"  The Main Treasury Building is located at 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

  Statue by the Treasury Building. 

Statue by the Treasury Building 

"US Treasury Building"

"Hotel Washington"

 Picture of the street sign for a reference to where I was. About right, 5 blocks from the White House.  

 "FBI Building"

"FBI Building"

  "US Navy Memorial"  

Fountain at "US Navy Memorial"  

"Lone Sailor" statue at the "US Navy Memorial", Market Square at Pennsylvania Ave. & 8th

    "General Winfield Scott Hancock" statue in Market Square, Gen. George Mc Clellan called him "Hancock the Superb"

Horse statue of?? 

Statue of George Meade (1815-1872) located at Federal Triangle ( Pennsylvania Ave. & 4th )

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