Black River Falls Fly-In Breakfast August 22, 1999 

Makayla posing with the "Miss Jackson County Winners and 2000 Contestants" in front of the plane's fuselage.

National Guard Corbra helicopter on static display.

Capt. Reed Richardson impressing the "Miss Jackson County's" with his chopper.

Makayla seated in the pilot's seat.

Makayla manipulating the cyclic control stick.

Penny and Makayla sitting in the rear jump seat.

0ne more picture of Penny and Makayla sitting in the rear jump seat.

Walking to get some breakfast at the side utility entrance of the new airport terminal building.  It was Black River Falls most prolific and prominent philanthropist, "The Lunda Corporation" which made the construction of this building possible.  

Makayla took the time for a pose, before starting to eat.

Makayla eating her pancake egg breakfast, the reason for the 40 minute flight.

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