Rowe's Wharf as seen from the Fan Pier area

Rowes Wharf as seen from the Fan Pier area.

Water taxi picking up passengers at Fan Pier area.


Fan Pier Harbor walkway directory. 1 Courthouse Way. I walked the entire walkway around the courthouse which affords unlimited views of Boston Harbor and Boston Logan Airport.

Walking to Rowe's Wharf just before the entrance of Boston Harbor Hotel, 70 Rowes Wharf .  Note, the Old Town Trolley, I was looking for one of these to take up to Bunker Hill Monument and Paul Revere's House


Looking through the construction zone across from Rowe's Wharf at the famous Custom's Tower Clock building 

All these people at Rowe's to take a tour. perhaps they were just the left over celebrity hunters of the Regis and Kelly Lee's cruise boat appearance a few hours before this picture was taken..

No musicians seen or heard on that Blue's Barge while I was here.


Looks like there are a few yachts around in this town. I purchased a harbor cruise ticket next door from here and I had time to get a quick lunch before my cruise boat would  leave. I went a couple doors down to Rudi's Cafe  at 30 Rowe's Wharf and consumed a chicken breast sandwich and a Diet Coke.


The Harbor Cruise Boats one which I would be taking soon.



 Sitting on the Harbor Cruise boat looking at the Courthouse

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