At Rowe's Wharf a tour boating docking while I am waiting for my identical tour boat to undock.

That tour boat is finally docked adjacent to mine.  Notice the table and chair set-up of my tour boat deck.

Just leaving the dock area, a view of dock area and skyline.  You can see the other tour boat at the dock.

A view of the yacht "Odyssey" docked at Rowe's Wharf.

Approaching the construction site of the new "Institute of Contemporary Art" or "ICA"


'Looking at the "Fan Pier" harbor walking tour area and the back side of "John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse", named after the longtime Congressman and life-long resident of South Boston.  This building was designed by Henry Cobb of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.  I has two courthouses, United States Court of Appeals for Massachusetts and United States District Court for the 1st circuit. There are 25 courtrooms in this building.


Picture showing some of the other boating activity in the harbor. 


One more picture showing some of the other boating activity in the harbor. 

Another good view looking back at Rowe's Wharf from a little ways out in the harbor.

Approaching the Pier 4 Anthony's area, I forgot what that construction was going to be just before it.

A view looking forward of the boat at the pilot's house.  As you can see the tour company did not make any money on this 1 PM tour, since there were only 3 other paying tourist besides myself on the boat.  Quite a contrast from noon tour which appeared to be sold out.


 Pier 4, Anthony's Restaurant, which caters to the celebrity crowd.  I believe John Kerry made his famous swift boat re-enactment by landing here for the DNC Convention.

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