Boston skyline from further out in the harbor.


The Hyatt Regency Hotel, next to Logan Airport.



Water taxi picking up passengers at Fan Pier area


Approaching the marinas near Charlestown.



Marinas near Charlestown.


The Massachusetts Port Authority Building.


Approaching the Boston Navy Yard, originally called the Charlestown Navy Yard.  After 1945 it was called the Boston Naval Shipyard.  It was established in 1801 and was one the Unites States oldest ship building yards.  On July 1, 1974, the 30 acre yard was officially closed and the land ownership was transferred to the National Park Service to be part of the Boston Nation Historical Park where people can tour the USS Constitution and USS Cassin Young. 



All these people at Rowe's to take a tour. perhaps they were just the left over gakers of the Regis and Kelly Lee's cruise boat appearance.


Coast Guard docks

A couple more Coast Guard vessels.


Looking at the Charleston Bridge area.

 Looking at the Boston Harbor Coast Guard docks.

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