Granary Burial Grounds Tour

Paul Revere's Gravesite draws the largest crowds. America Patriot and Silversmith.  He was born 1-1-1735 died 5-10-1818. He was immortalized after his death for his role as a messenger in the Battles of Lexington and Concord His famous "Midnight Ride" April 18 and 19,  1775, to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams is well-known in the US, but it was not note worthy at the time.  It is a myth that he shouted ("The British are coming), since secrecy was needed.

The Freedom Trail Tour Guide explains the history of Paul Revere.  The burial grounds suffered from soil erosion after heavy rains.  Many graves had to be reburied.  

Listen, my children, and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-Five;
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year
On the midnight ride of Paul Revere




John Hancock's Gravestone is even bigger than his signature on the Declaration of Independence


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