Balitimore Inner Harbor

Harborplace & The Gallery

As evidenced by this picture you can see this is a popular tourist attraction.

The Inner Harbor is a historic seaport, tourist attraction, and iconic landmark of the City of Baltimore. The harbor itself is actually the end of the Northwest Branch of the Patapsco River.

Tthe" Lightship Chesapeake".  The "Lightship Chesapeake" was commissioned Lightship 116.  It is now owned by the National Park Service and on a 25 year loan to the Baltimore Maritime Museum..  Since 1820, several lightships have served at the Chesapeake lightship station and have been called Chesapeake. It was common for a lightship to be reassigned from one Lightships Station to another and thus "renamed" and identified by its new station.

Walking to lunch at the "Hard Rock Cafe" in the "Power Plant Live!" complex, which also houses ESPN Sports Zone,  Barnes and Nobles.  This old power plant renovation project was developed by the Cordish Co..  It opened in phases during 2001.

I included this overhead  aerial map view, courtesy of Mapquest, which gives a layout perspective of tourist destination.

Brittany doing some coloring while waiting for the food to arrive.

 Picture of the "Hard Rock Cafe" interior decor, which features old records and cars.

 Eagerly awaiting the start of the "Dolphin Show", here at "The National Aquarium".  this place houses sharks, dolphins, sting  rays and many tropical fish species.  There are more than 11,000 creatures in naturalistic exhibits, including a walk-through rain forest. 

The dolphin getting its fish treat after doing a trick.

The dolphin doing the vertical twirl.

 The dolphin taking a bow and gets a fish treat reward,

The dolphin doing the high jump launching out of the water.

 Brittany posing in front of one the many fish tanks.

 Posing for a picture at the National Aquarium.

We all toured "The USS Torsk (SS-423)", a/k/a  "Galloping Ghost of the Japanese Coast.  It is docked in front of the National Aquarium and the Baltimore Maritime Museum.  The name "Torsk, is a food fish of the North Atlantic, also known as a cod.

The keel was laid down June 7, 1944 at the Portsmouth Navy Yard.  It was launched on September 6, 1944. It was commissioned on 16 December 16, 1944 with Commanded by Bafford E. Lewellen.

1500.JPG Posing at the National Aquarium with the US Constellation in the background and that 5 sided tall building, The World Trade Center behind it.  The USS Constellation constructed in 1854 is a sloop-of-war, or corvette, and the second United States Navy ship to carry this famous name. Her keel was laid on 25 June 1853, in Gosport Navy Yard in Norfolk, Virginia, at the same time as the original 1797 frigate Constellation was being broken up.

The entrance sign post to the World Trade Center, with a view of the National Aquarium to the left.  It is 32 floors tall, standing 405 feet above the harbor.  Right after this photo was taken, we visited the "Top of the World," the 27th observation floor.  It was a good view for taking some pictures. This building was constructed in 1977.  The 32 floors make up the world's tallest even-sided, pentagon-shaped building,  (the five-sided JP Morgan Chase Tower in Houston, Texas is taller, but has unequal sides).  This tower houses the headquarters of the Maryland Port Administration, office space for state agencies and numerous companies.

Looking down at the National Aquarium with a good view of the submarine "USS Torsk" docked in front. 

 National Aquarium 

 Looking at the activity below at the Gallery. 

 Looking at the other Baltimore Skyscrapers.

Another view of the City of Baltimore, with the tethered advertising balloon in the air.

 " Power Plant Live!"

 " Power Plant Live!"

Looking out of Harbor

Lots of activity below.

At the Gallery Mall checking out the birds.  The trainer used a water squirt bottle to keep these birds in line.

One last picture before ending the "Baltimore Inner Harbor Excursion".

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