Just boarded the capsule, looking at the "Charing Cross" Station area.

Some tourist took a picture of this creepy looking guy, standing in the capsule with the Jubilee Bridges in the background.

Another one of this guy with "Big Ben" in the background.

 "Charing Cross" area and "Jubilee Bridges".

Looking down at a capsule.  I think that those things to the right might be an emergency spiral staircase, just a guess.

Dome of "St Paul's Cathedral" center and London Imax Cinema. 

Looking down right in front of the Wheel or the north side of "County Hall".

Another view looking down at the front of the wheel while ascending.

A boat about to go under the "Hungerford Bridge", a/k/a  "Charing Cross",  a/k/a "Golden Jubilee Bridges".  It is flanked by two cable-stayed pedestrian bridges that share the railway bridge's foundation piers.  I walked across this bridge at night.  It is really neat how this is lit up with the blue lighting effect.  The next bridge is the "Waterloo Bridge".

Spoke and hub.

  Tourist posing in front of the "Ministry of Defense Building" and "Downing Street" to the left.

I can't remember anything of prominence in this picture.

Many landmarks in this picture.  St Paul' Cathedral, Oxo Tower, Tate Modern Gallery, London Imax.

The long glass shelled roof is where the Eurostar train platforms are at Waterloo Station.  This is where I caught my train to Paris and back.

A capsule above me.

  The Charing Cross neighborhood.

  The Shell Centre is to left and Waterloo Station is centered.  I would not think of opening or leaning on those doors.

A good picture of the London Imax Cinema.

 The capsule below mine.

The capsule above mine.

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