021.jpg  A picture of my room from the doorway.  Small room, but the cheapest I could find in Manhattan, booked through Hotels.com .

022.jpg A view from the bed of my room looking out the window at another skyscraper.

023.jpg  I am walking east bound on the north sidewalk of 34th Street, in front of the famous "Macy's Store",  who flies those big balloons during the traditional "Thanksgiving Parade",  parading around here at the "Herald Square" area of town.

 024.jpg I'm getting closer to my destination, I'll stop to take this picture of the observation deck.

025.jpg  I was planning on taking the tour, but don't have time now maybe tomorrow.

026.jpg  I couldn't find a driver around to see if I could purchase a ticket from him for tomorrow.

027.jpg  I arrived at the "Empire State Building" on 34th and 5th Ave.  The doorman said that tourist had to enter around the corner on the 6th Avenue side of the building.

028.jpg  Entering inside, this is the view of the lobby wall.

029.jpg  One more a little closer to the Information desk.

030.jpg  The security check-point.  I inadvertently had left a roll of film in my pocket that activated that metal detector.


  031.jpg  The long line of people waiting to purchase a ticket for the observation deck.

032.jpg  A neat mural of New York on the wall by the counters where they were selling the tickets.

033.jpg I decided that I purchase a ticket for the entire package deal, Skyride, audio tour and Observation deck.


034.jpg  The "Love Nest" on the 80th floor.  The first elevator only goes this far.  Then you have to catch another elevator to the top 86th floor.

035.jpg  Another view out the window from the "Love Nest" while waiting in line to pick-up my audio tour player.

  036.jpg  Another view from here.  Every Valentines Day, many couples choose to get married here.  That's how the name "Love Nest was given to this 80th floor area.

  037.jpg Two more views from the "Love Nest".

  038.jpg  Last "Love Nest" view.

 039.jpg  Outside entering the 86th floor observation deck.  I'm lucking out, since the clouds are burning off, a little hazing, but much better visibility than I thought.

040.jpg  Looking northwest at the "Chrysler Building", towards the East River.

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